The War on drugs is immensely profitable

Babeouf June 03, 2011, 12:53 quote (found here

“The War on drugs can never be won but it is immensely profitable. The drugs trade is the largest driver in the growth and substance of organized crime(it helps corrupt whole states, see Mexico). At the same time it provides any number of official jobs ,paid for out of taxes, for the people in every society who enjoy telling their fellow citizens what to do. And how to live.”

The War on (Some) Drugs, was not meant to end, just by continuing, it is winning. And just who is losing? Who is this war against? It’s got to be a lot more than the 250 million whom this article claims use illicit drugs, unless you take out Cannabis, maybe…

Speaking of drugs other than Cannabis, if you took those off the black market, the CIA, FBI, and probably a few others wouldn’t have any tax exempt “play” money anymore.


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