Cannabis For Victory!

‎2 WARS, at least 1 non-WAR, other Kinetic Military Actions, The (let’s not call it that now) War on Drugs, America also addicted to OIL, worthless crap made in China, and Rx drugs, in debt worse than Greece per capita, a “Federal” government so oppressive that it rivals Nazi Germany, and surpasses it in some cases.

How many jobless? How many homeless? How many in prison? Dangerous and DEADLY drugs, chemicals and food additives, legal and commonplace, helpful (mostly natural) drugs and nutrients

WAKE THE #%&@ UP!!!



The War on People who use some Drugs is a failure because they continue to include Cannabis, they
have caused the failure themselves.

“Crime is prevalent among drugs and the users of them,” said James Knox, a Republican State
Representative who worked closely with the main oppositional group, Safe Community Safe Kids.
Completely ignoring the fact that if drugs where regulated by the State instead of prohibited
then there would be a whole lot less crime, not to mention the fact that street dealers
don’t check ID.

Knox also stated, “I know marijuana is a gateway drug, not medicine, because it cannot be
delivered in a known measurement with predictable results like other medicine.” I’ll agree,
Cannabis is a gateway drug, to health and prosperity for billions of human beings. It is and has
been medicine for at least 5000 years if not 10,000, you are dead wrong sir. It does have
predictable results, other “medicine” has to be studied to find these results as well, but the
“Federal” Schedule I Class that Cannabis is wrongfully in does not allow for research directed toward
clinical medical trials. You can only study Cannabis as a drug of abuse in the US, at least until
medical started in the States. The “Federal” government has Medical Cannabis Patients, search Irvin Rosenfeld,  and then there’s the tiny little fact that the drug that Cannabis produces HAS NEVER KILLED ANYONE.

I’m honestly surprised that he didn’t spew the misinformation about it being “so much more potent
than in the 70’s and 80’s” because we all know how much more deadly 80 proof is than beer. Oh
yeah that little problem of it never killing anyone, hmm, guess potency is kind of a non-issue
when it comes to the LD50 of Cannabis. If it causes lung cancer can you please show me the news
story about the 1 person who has never had any other risk for it than Cannabis use, and has lung
cancer? Mental illness, never provable, and probably never disprovable, it’s their best argument,
and frankly, it’s pretty wishy-washy.

“Oh, but we must think of the Children.” Yeah, let’s really think of the children, we are leaving them a world full of toxic chemicals, radioactive material, inherently corrupt economic and political systems, astronomical debt owed mostly to very rich criminals, increasing exponentially as the wars this country has been engaged in, just this century, continue to bankrupt us. Are you really that concerned that your child might get ahold of a natural plant that has never killed anyone? You would rather have them drinking themselves to death?

There is still some misconception about driving under the influence of Cannabis, even by proponents of the plant. The inebriating effects of Cannabinoids are entirely different than the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Studies have been done that show that Cannabis inebriation tends to make a person more aware that they are inebriated and thus will drive slower and more cautiously as a result. These studies also showed that alcohol intoxication makes a person think they are driving better than they really are.
You know those labels for some prescriptions that state: Do not drive or operate heavy equipment until you know how this drug effects you? That is how Cannabis inebriation should be treated the same as those drugs. If an officer can clearly see that you are stoned then a DUI would be warranted but probable cause should be limited to a Cannabis Field Sobriety Test administered by the officer at the scene. Blood Tests are an affront to the 4th Amendment, and would not be viable or just if it was not proven that what is being tested for proved inebriation and not just that you had consumed it in the past 30 or so days.

Cannabis and specifically the 480ish Cannabinoids and other NATURALLY OCCURRING CHEMICALS AND COMPOUNDS that it produces ON (not in) the leaves and flowering tops of the female (ever looked up how many other plants have a distinct male and female?) plant have an LD50 so astronomical that if you inject this pure “Hash” into your veins the physical properties of it not being water soluble will clog your blood vessels and kill you long before you will die from the chemical constituents. Even if you were to eat it or concentrate it with a solvent, something other than the chemical constituents of Cannabis would kill you first. LD50 is the dose at which 50% of the test subjects die. There has never been a single death due solely to the naturally occurring drugs and chemical constituents of Cannabis, nor has there ever been a case of cancer. I can prove that, have you ever seen the news story about it? If this had ever happened in the past century it would make headlines worldwide, don’t you think?

If you give lip service to wanting to end man’s suffering at the hands of man but ignore the fact that Cannabis can feed, clothe, shelter, alleviate suffering and stress, provide a wide range of power sources, and a ridiculous amount of other helpful truly sustainable things to this world, all the while never killing a single human being, then you are either completely brainwashed or just plain ignorant.

Can you imagine the headline if it had been hemp oil running through that pipeline under the Yellowstone River?

“Hemp Oil Pipeline Bursts, Reclamation Jobs Created, NO Lasting Damage Expected”

Would you like to hear this at your local market some day…?

“Would you like Hemp paper, or Hemp plastic?”

Or would you like to pay an ever-increasing “tax” per wood paper or petro-chemical plastic grocery bag? Or if you have bought one of the re-usable ones, what does the label say? Made where? Outta what?

Don’t even get me started on how useless petro-chemical plastic recycling is in a world blessed with the most useful plant known to mankind. Talk about a make work job.



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