The Criminal Spectrum

Prohibit GMO Cannabis, take this government back, re-place a moratorium on the patenting of life, seeds and DNA, THEN legalize Cannabis for all its uses, regardless of THC content. (which has never killed anyone with a lethal overdose. Can we say the same for GMO Cannabis, wanna find out?)

Cannabis is a gateway… to health and prosperity for billions of earth’s inhabitants.

Cannabis is dangerous… to the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, lumber industry, coal industry, cotton industry, tyrannical government, alcohol industry, and many, many more special interests.

Monsanto already has terminator GMO Cannabis seeds, legalize it, before you put the genie back in the bottle, and the number of strains the DEA has committed genocide on will pale in comparison to what GMO pollen could do to further ‘their’ cause.

If it were not for this little known probability, I would be all for treating the natural plant (and all natural drug plants in their natural form, this is why: ) like beer, 80 proof or 191 proof or just like any other plant. (Are truly poisonous plants like Nightshade legislated? ) They will be soon, look up Codex Alimentarius, it’s already started to take hold in Europe.

Legalize it, in this day and age, and you risk it falling into even worse (read, richer) criminals hands than the typical lowly black market criminal. Finding the ‘sweet spot’ where we can keep it out of both sides of the predominantly criminal spectrum, and allow The People to control this plant is the key, and truthful EDUCATION is the key to getting there.

Yes, the ‘war on drugs’ is a crime against humanity, but wouldn’t it be an even more catastrophic crime against all life to let ‘them’ destroy the current diversity of the Cannabis plant? If it were legal today, do you really think ‘they’ wouldn’t use current technology to further commit genocide on this plant, just like ‘they’ have always wanted to?

To find out who ‘they’ are, go here:


2 comments on “The Criminal Spectrum

  1. We are under a “government of laws”, not a “government of men”. But if someone can plant drugs among your belongings, and if you are then required to prove that the drugs are not yours (which you can’t), then you are under a government of men, namely of those who are willing to plant evidence. Therefore the reverse onus of proof cannot be valid in any jurisdiction.

    More: .

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