The Greatest Truth Never Told

Dear Chris,

I have been promoting and telling people about your YouTube channel and TGTNT playlist a lot lately and this last weekend I got a wild hair up my, you know what, and decided to see what I would find about ‘The Greatest Truth Never Told’ on Facebook. My search turned up NOTHING. So, having just recently created a Facebook ‘page’ for myself, “Skekzyz” ( ) I thought, well it’s (TGTNT) not up here yet, and even if Chris never uses Facebook, I can’t see why he would hate having at least something show up when someone searches it here. So, I proceeded to park two (2) pages, well the first was kind of an accident, I forgot the first word “The” in the title of the page. If you search ‘The Greatest Truth Never Told’ or ‘Greatest Truth Never Told’ on Facebook it should come up with essentially identical pages that state “Parked for Chris Duane, by Hellrazor Skekzyz,” I forget the exact wording after that but something like ‘this page is yours if you ask for it Chris, free.’ I then made one post on each, the YouTube page for the playlist. I’m pretty sure I did this on saturday (2012.03.17) it may have been a day or so before that though.

I have, in the past month or so, begun doing a my own show on Vokle, called ‘Skekzyz’. I found Vokle by seeing Mark Dice’s show on there, and would love to see you join us, hint, hint. So my habits have changed on Facebook and elsewhere online lately. The reason I say this is because on sunday (2012.03.18) Facebook blocked my personal account.

I had created an event (Skekzyz on Vokle) on my new page and realized that it required me to use my personal account to invite friends. I proceeded to switch over and invite selected friends and one email contact that I had not seen in a few weeks. After clicking ‘send’, or ‘invite’ or whatever the ‘go/yes’ button said, Facebook immediately logged me out. As I log back in with what I believe to be the, never changed, correct password, Facebook begins asking for me, at first, to complete a multiple choice facial recognition quiz of some of my personal friends who had been tagged in photos, I so wish I had recorded that. I got every one of them correct and completed each question in less than 3 seconds or so. I believe it put up about 6-7 questions. At this point I was logged back into Facebook for, little did I know at the time, the last time I may ever log into Facebook again. I’m still kicking myself for not screen recording this, especially when I tried to ‘produce the same results’ by redoing the invite. The second time Facebook kicked me off as I clicked the ‘send invite’ button, I again logged in and found it asking for a phone number this time, wanting to ‘text’ me a code or ‘call’ the number given.

About 2 hours later, I was thinking it might be that I did change the password, so I checked my saved emails and found nothing, proceeded to request a password change which I believe was successful, you can see the results of that here there was no sound because there would have been too much cussing. As you can see it asks for a ‘real’ first and last name, and requires that you either ‘submit’ a phone number or request to ‘submit’ a government-issued ID. Neither of these is acceptable to me, I have used the real name Hellrazor Skekzyz or Skekzyz since at least 2000 if not 1999 for almost every single online account that I have ever created. When did facebook become real? Hey, facebook, you can call me on Skype, I’m Skekzyz, I’ve had that account since about 2006 is that real enough for you? But I digress.

Chris, I am putting this here in the hopes that you will be more likely to see it here than in a pile of emails, if I even knew of a direct one to you. If I am unable to log back into Facebook, ever again, there is very little I can do for handing those pages over to you and thought you might like to know.

Awake. Love.

Hellrazor Skekzyz

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