Skekzyz Elsewhere

I only have a few videos, but if you look at my subscriptions you will find lots of good information, and I’m adding subs all the time so check back for more informative channels regularly.. <– Look at my subscriptions to find the best of YouTube.!/Skekzyz <– Follow me on Twitter. Mostly Vokle updates, probably use it more now that fb is dead to me. <– come talk to me on Monday evenings. <– Subscribe to my personal page here. BLOCKED, GOV. ID or Phone # REQUIRED (2012.03.18) <– ‘Like’ my public page here. BLOCKED, GOV. ID or Phone # REQUIRED (2012.03.18)

I only have a few (none now) things on Zazzle for now, I still can’t wrap my head around that ‘lust for money’ thing though.

Designs by Skekzyz on Zazzle

I am also on Myspace*, Reddit*, Tumblr*, and Skype as Skekzyz and have used this name, with that spelling, since about 2000, so if you see it anywhere online it’s almost 100% likelyhood that it is me. +_)

Add me to Skype

*rarely used

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