Timeline (Work in progress)

I am attempting to compile what I call a Timeline of Usurpation, focusing on the major events that have gotten us to where we are today in the united states of America. I want to start with the creation of Panama and move forward to today before I bother with events that happened before that, but would go back and work on those events that would also fit into this timeline after I can get the current events listed.

Update: This is coming along slowly but I have realized that the real starting point for what happened to the country that ‘our founding fathers’ pledged their lives and fortunes to bring about in the late 18th century was and still is the ‘American civil war’. That war was not fought primarily over slavery, at least not in the sense that you were probably taught in school.

If you would like to help me with this timeline please post a comment here or at Dipity, I’m looking for obscure events that I may have never heard of, I know it’s still missing some very important things like 9/11 and such but I’ll get to them.

It won’t let me embed it here yet (and my never) but here is the link to what I have so far…

Usurpation of the USofA on Dipity.

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