Love Is.

Wall street is just their CASINO, Occupy THE FED.
A Constitutional Government of the United States of America would be Coining and Printing its own DEBT FREE currency, that is the root of the problem, not the gambling.
That is also exactly what Lincoln and Kennedy tried to do…
I’m not a huge fan of capitalism, but the real root of the problem is where the money comes from, it is created (imagined) with a signature. Basically out of thin air, it is contracted to be paid back with interest, ALL FIAT MONEY IS IMAGINED DEBT. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. From ‘The Federal Reserve’ to the ‘International Monetary Fund’ to the major banks that is where we should be occupying.

I would love to see this world closer to Light and Life and Love where socialism would really work, but the fact of the matter is, we ain’t there yet. The next best logical step is still capitalism, with debt free currency, anti-monopolistic regulations back in place, and moratoriumsĀ placed on defining a business entity as a ‘person’ and the patenting of life, seeds, and DNA. The current ‘system’ is so ingrained after 100+ years of gradualism that most people don’t see it, can’t see, or just have not had enough pain, yet, to lift the veil from their eyes.

To me, True Socialism would work when we all realize that we are one, we are all children of God the Father, and the earth is our sacred Mother and should be treated as such, truly love others, like Jesus tried to teach us, and do away with the concept of money. That’s my idea of Socialism, like I said, not even close…

Why I’m not a fan of capitalism is because of exactly what we have here today, inherently psychotic companies who have to be persuaded by informedĀ consumers to even show a little compassion. The propaganda overload it produces is pretty overwhelming as well. Political and religious propaganda is just augmented by capitalistic propaganda. I don’t know about you, but I get pretty fed up with having to see through the lies that bombard me daily, and that’s a big part of why some just won’t wake up to the lies, they don’t want to ‘handle the truth’.

Resource based capitalism is the next best logical step, it is not the end all, be all of why we are here, Love is.