What is the Answer?

You know those ads you see all over the internet? The ones that say “1 crazy, simple, little trick” or something to that affect. That has got to be the worst ad concept I have ever seen, except for one thing. There really is one simple trick for society as a whole. Many, many great teachers and masters have told us this time and again. And it’s free. It’s clearly not easy though. Ron Paul’s campaign slogan mirrors it, I hope that is genuine, coming from him. If you haven’t figured this little trick out yet, let me spell it out for you. If you really make an effort to treat everyone on earth, and in your life, at least as well as YOU would want to be treated or better, this world could evolve into true, life, liberty, and happiness for all of its inhabitants.

The Master I believe in, is Jesus of Nazareth specifically what He tried to teach us, what is directly attributed to Him. The most important question He ever answered was, “Which is the most important of God’s Commandments?” He said, “There are two. To Love God our Father, and to Love each other.” He went a step further and said, “Love your enemy.” Like I said, NOT easy.

The word of the season is ‘Occupy’ I say Occupy Your Mind, Occupy Love, and Occupy God if you have one, or more, and if you don’t, well, just do the Mind, Love thing for now, maybe throw in Home if you are lucky/resourceful/informed enough to have one of those too. If you must be in the street, for whatever reason, look for homes being foreclosed on and Occupy them to stop the real criminals, get people’s vans/6-seater+ or area transit to shuttle people to the homes before they are foreclosed on. Occupy Medical Cannabis dispensaries as well, just in case the DEA shows up, at the very least it will be well documented, you have already said you don’t want to break the law, use it to document the crimes against the so-called 99%.

NEVER FORGET, DIVIDE AND CONQUER WORKS! If you must come to one demand, make it separation of corporation and state, at least where money is concerned just like Montana’s new SB423 tried to do to Medical Cannabis and money, until a judge blocked it temporarily.

Other perfectly good demands for government would be to re-instate a moratorium on the patenting of life, seeds, and DNA. I agree with you 110% that a business should not be considered a ‘person’ with rights, or if they are they should be treated like persons with psychosis, because they inherently are, or at least tend to be.

Unfortunately the chances of this happening are lower than 1% but, what I truly think the best thing for the 99% to do, would be to realize that the 1% really want us enslaved or dead, and to publicly FORGIVE THEM FOR ALL OF THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THAT THEY OR OTHERS MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Ask them to join us in caring for each other, there is more than enough Love already in this world to overcome the hate and the fear that they perpetuate, we just need to use it.

http://dont-tread-on.me/ Occupy your mind and Peak Oil are very good. http://dont-tread-on.me/operation-occupy-your-mind/ http://dont-tread-on.me/5-reasons-to-question-peak-oil-theory/

SB423 Abuse Hotline

This is the bill that will become law in Montana on July 1st if we don’t stop it.


Section 21. Hotline. (1) The department shall create and maintain a hotline to receive reports of suspected abuse of the provisions of [sections 1 through 23].

(2) The department may:

(a) investigate reports of suspected abuse of the provisions of [sections 1 through 23]; or

(b) refer reports of suspected abuse to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in the area where the suspected abuse is occurring.

I’ve always felt that Cannabis should be as legal as beer, but I’ll settle for as legal as 80 proof.

One day, quite recently, it struck me that there has to be a reason that it is still as illegal as it was the day I was born, at least as far as the US government is concerned.

It struck me that there has to be a bigger picture to why this plant, that is far and away the most useful abundant plant known to mankind, is still outlawed.

Medical Cannabis is wonderful, and to those that say it is a stepping stone to legalization, I say “THANK GOD” because we need to start educating the people about the usefulness of this plant somewhere and where better than health or rather lack of it which, I would venture to guess, is in everyone’s top 5 concerns.

Ask yourself, what are your top 5 concerns? And I mean really boil it down.

Can we safely assume health?

How about Food? Maybe not your list, but are there millions or is it billions that go hungry more days than not?

It’s probably hundreds of thousands or less now that rely very little or not at all on some form of energy from petroleum products. Does energy make your top 5?

A roof over your head? A shirt on your back?

I can’t say those are my top 5, but they are the top 5 of the plant we call Cannabis Sativa L.

So then why is this plant still forbidden? Is it lack of education? Or is it by design?

I, personally, have to come to the conclusion that it is both and that the education needs to include the information beyond just Harry J. and William Randolf’s little escapade way back in the 30’s.

The next time someone says “Dope’s a dangerous drug” AGREE WITH THEM. And start naming off who it’s dangerous to…

Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Government, Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, Coal mining, Lumber industry, probably a few more, feel free to add them if you think about it at the time. Let them know that they have been lead to believe that it is dangerous to human life but that it really isn’t and in fact quite the opposite.